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...Pam Proctor’s clients have been admitted to such colleges as: Amherst, Harvard, Cornell, Wesleyan, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame,  Georgetown, Bowdoin, Davidson, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Williams, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Tufts, Georgia Tech, SMU, Wheaton (IL), Case Western Reserve, Purdue, Elon, Clemson, University of Florida, Miami University of Ohio, U Colorado Boulder, University of Miami, Colorado College, Penn State, Tulane, Boston College, Rutgers, College of Charleston, University of Maryland, University of Georgia, Juniata, University of New Hampshire, Baylor, Florida State, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Northwestern, William and Mary, Vassar, MIT, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Emory, Santa Clara University, New York University, Bates, Wellesley, Washington University in St. Louis, Colby, University of Southern California, Washington & Lee, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Union College, Trinity College, Boston University, Pitzer, University of Maryland, Mount Holyoke College, Villanova, and accelerated medical programs…


“With her businesslike tenor and candid advice, Pam Proctor presents a user-friendly road map for college applicants, covering everything from Hook development to choosing schools, composing essays, and ‘working’ the wait list … THE COLLEGE HOOK is an excellent resource for prospective students, parents and counselors alike.”

 —Julie Vultaggio,
NACAC Bulletin


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Finding your "Hook"


Hook Tip

Make sure that at least one essay – either your main essay, a “most meaningful activity essay,” or a supplemental essay – focuses clearly on your Hook. This is a fundamental strategy in packaging your Hook. And because admissions folks have only a few seconds or minutes at best to read your peerless prose, grab them right from the start with a catchy lead – one that sums up not only the essay but also your Hook.




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About The College Hook, Second Edition

The College Hook is every student’s guide to the powerful packaging weapon known as the Hook – a special talent, achievement, or personal quality that will leap off the page of a college application and catch the eye of admissions officers.

Through an inside look at the secrets of real students, who describe how they succeeded in today’s high-stakes game of college admissions, readers will learn how to:

  • Find Your Hook  
  • Use the Top Ten College Hooks
  • Package Your Hook
  • Sell Your Hook

"This book is a must read for students and parents entering the college search and application process!"

—Donna P. Olson, M. Ed.
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Sebastian River High School

Competition for entry to the nation's top colleges is at an all-time high – and intensifying every year. In The College Hook, Second Edition, nationally recognized independent college consultant and writer Pam Proctor – cited by the media as a “cheerleader extraordinaire” for college-bound teens – reveals the "packaging" secrets that can help any student maximize the odds of admission to his or her favorite college.

This comprehensive, updated guide to college admissions contains the best strategies for mastering complex application requirements; writing essays; employing a résumé; dealing with deferrals and wait lists; reporting SAT and ACT scores; preparing for interviews; and networking with admissions committees. The College Hook, Second Edition, also includes more than 30 actual college essays that students from every background have used to gain admission to a wide variety of superior colleges.

Most important, the book features the powerful packaging tool called the "Hook" – a special talent or achievement that leaps off the page of a college application and catches the eyes of admissions officers. Students may have excellent grade point averages and high standardized test scores. But without powerful Hooks, they will be at a disadvantage in this competitive admissions environment.

Using real-life anecdotes and examples from winning applications, Pam provides students with a step-by-step program that will enable them to determine and develop their unique "Hook," and then package and market themselves at every stage of the admissions process. Click here to find out about Pam’s private college and graduate school consulting services.

The College Hook, Second Edition, was released in June, 2012, as an e-book by Inkslingers Press.  The original hardcover edition was published in 2007 by Center Street (Hachette Book Group).

More Praise for The College Hook

“Pam Proctor's new book THE COLLEGE HOOK may strike some high school students as too commercial, too much like packaging a new cereal or a new video game, but the fact is that college admissions at selective schools is a very competitive marketplace. In order to succeed in the sale, the applicant has to think about, and work to achieve, something that will appeal strongly to the buyers, the college admissions officers. This book will help them to do that thinking and to learn what it is about themselves that they really care about, which will make them stand out from the crowd of other well-qualified applicants.”

—Will Fitzhugh,
Concord Review

“Gaining admittance into the college of your choice is no easy task. With THE COLLEGE HOOK…your odds are greatly improved! This is a must-read for teens getting ready to begin sending out those applications. From writing an interesting, professional resume to acing your admissions interview, everything about the application process is covered.

—Jennifer Wardrip


“For students overwhelmed by the college admission process, Pam Proctor provides practical suggestions in a style and tone encouraging to teens. In addition to citing numerous examples from students, she offers a wealth of suggestions and programs to help them identify and develop their special Hooks. The book meets many needs.”

—Linda H. Campbell,
Director of College Guidance

Lancaster Country Day School

"Remarkable!  This book gives away all the creative secrets that successful applicants use to make their college applications stand out from the thousands of others. The “Bright Ideas” sections alone make this book the best guide to success in college admissions ever written. I’m going to buy The College Hook for all my students."

—Lily Trayes, Ivy League Placement

“Even with top grades and killer test scores, you are still stuck in a crowd of applicants who look just like you. The practical advice in this book helps any applicant stand out. Using these techniques, our children exceeded their expectations and overcame the reality of a buyers’ market, landing in great schools where they are very happy today.”

Stuart Woodward, parent


The College Hook, Second Edition - Packaging yourself to win the college admissions game by Pam Proctor


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The College Hook:Packaging Yourself to Win the College Admissions Game by Florida author Pam Proctor is the best college admissions guide you'll ever read.
...Read Pam’s latest book The College Hook, Second Edition: Packaging Yourself to Win the College Admissions Game, now in a new updated e-book edition for Kindle and Nook...